ULNANOTECH is the Second Among TOP – 5 Large Most Innovative Companies in TechUp-2020 National Rating

29 Jan 2021

On January 29, the Russian Venture Company ranked the leaders of the annual national rating of the most innovative fast-growing companies TechUp-2020. The rating included 107 companies from 24 Russian regions with total annual revenue over 220 B rubles.

ULNANOTECH became the second among the TOP-5 large companies (revenue from 2 B Rub to 30 B Rub).

The winners of the rating are the companies that achieved the highest results in the average revenue growth, product/service innovativeness, and export potential.

“It's nice to see us among the leaders. From the very beginning of our activity, founders and shareholders with broad outlook and competencies actively participated in our formation and development, which helped us to form a strategy, comfortable space and conditions for localization of high-tech projects on our site. Every year we participate in the rating of technoparks to evaluate our work and for 5 years we have been included in the Group with the highest level of efficiency (A+).  Another vital component is the development of partnership and favorable communication with the government and private sector of the Ulyanovsk region.  These factors allow us to feel stable and successful, whereas the remaining part of our activity is the painstaking daily work of a team of professionals and co-thinkers”, commented on the rating results Sergey Miheev, acting CEO of ULNANOTECH.

The annual TechUspech Rating has been compiled by the Russian Venture Company since 2012 and is aimed at search, monitoring and promotion of promising fast-growing technology companies that have high leadership potential in both the Russian and global markets.The rating includes at least 4 years old private high-tech companies, demonstrating an average annual revenue growth rate of 10% or higher over the past 5 years and with a last year revenue volume of 100 M Rub to 30 B Rub. In 2020, the Innopraktika Non-Governmental Development Institute and the Russian Export Center became its partners.



TOP – 5 Large Companies

  1. T8 company (manufacturer of wavelength-division multiplexing telecommunication equipment, Moscow)

  2. ULNANOTECH (nanotechnology center, Ulyanovsk region)

  3. Speech Technology Center (speech synthesis and recognition, voice and facial biometrics, St. Petersburg)

  4. Prima, Research and Production Enterprise (radio communication equipment, Nizhny Novgorod region)

  5. Radio and Microelectronics, Research and Production Enterprise (radio-electronic devices and systems, Novosibirsk region)

TOP -  5 Medium-Sized Companies

  1. Foresight (business analytics solutions, Moscow)

  2. Group of companies ANGARA (information security systems and solutions, Moscow)

  3. Marine Research Center, Lomonosov Moscow State University (marine research based in Moscow)

  4. Fort Telecom (solutions in the field of M2M technologies, Perm region)

  5. Teplovodokhran, Research and Production Enterprise (system solutions for smart energy and water metering, Ryazan region)

TOP – 5 Small Companies

  1. Acronis Infozaschita (cybersecurity solutions, Moscow)

  2. UserGate (secure Internet access technologies, Novosibirsk region)

  3. Botlikh Radio Plant (radio-electronic products, Republic of Dagestan)

  4. “Optic fiber Systems” JSC (optical fiber manufacturing, Mordovia Republic)

  5. SearchInform (means of information security, Moscow)

Source: TechUp National Rating

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