Ulyanovsk Vestas Manufacturing Rus is Among the Winners of Composites Without Borders. AWARDS

23 Oct 2020

At Forum VIII Composites Without Borders. ONLINE, which took place on 22 October 2020 the winners of Contest III Composites Without Borders. AWARDS were announced. The contest is held under the aegis of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Among the winners is Ulyanovsk Vestas Manufacturing Rus factory in nomination Serial Products Made of Composites.

In the application request, the production of wind turbine blades was presented. The blades are used in wind turbines of 4.2 MW capacity and supplied to wind farms in Russia and abroad. The blades are produced using vacuum infusion method. 25 applicants participated in the contest in five nominations:

  • Imports Phase-Out Leader for Composites 

  • Composites Exports Leader

  • Serial Products Made of Composites

  • Unique Composite Solutions

  • R&D Solutions for Composites

The jury chose 5 winners in the announced nominations.


The winners selection criteria:

  • Contribution to the development of technology, products and solutions related to composites

  • Ratio between the cost of solution and acceptable price for target consumers

  • Innovative aspect

  • Environmental impact

  • Creation of value, partnership, technical advantage


About Vestas Manufacturing Rus

Vestas Manufacturing Rus launched in December 2018, produces wind turbine composite blades unparalleled in Russia. The production is sited in the territory of aviation cluster in Ulyanovsk. The blades are designed for wind turbines with 3.4 MW to 4.2 MW capacity. Project partners are Vestas, RUSNANO and Ulyanovsk region Investors Consortium the part of which is Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH. Over 500 jobs were created in this high-tech company.


Source: UMATEX

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