ULNANOTECH is an area for launching new technology startups. The Nanocenter is designed as an engineering complex that incorporates startup offices, laboratory buildings and a pilot production facility.

The Nanocenter is located in “Zavolzhye” industrial park. The buildings occupy an area of approximately 9 thousand square meters.

In 2010 Ulyanovsk won the bid for launching a new Nanocenter during the second open contest for organizing nanocenters in Russia. Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation was recognized as one of the winners of this contest and gained the right for conclusion of the Investment agreement with the RUSNANO Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.

The Investment Agreement for establishing Ulyanovsk Center for Technology Transfer, LLC was signed on October 7, 2011.

Total project
3.05 BN RUB
Investments into
1.8 BN RUB
to date
> 100

In 2015, the regional Government, nanocenter and its subsidiary company Altren jointly attracted an investor for construction of the first 35 MW wholesale wind farm in Russia in the Ulyanovsk region - the Finnish company Fortum.

It was also possible to conduct wind monitoring in the region and to begin the project for wind turbine components (blades) production localization.

In 2019, a plant was launched to manufacture composite blades for 3.4 MW to 4.2 MW wind turbines. The plant has no analogs in the Russian Federation (the project of Vestas Manufacturing Rus LLC).