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Web-site: www.testgen.ru
Status: launched

The company develops and produces kits for molecular genetics.

Products are intended for the use in both research and practice, in the fields of molecular biology and medicine.

The focus area of TestGene is non-invasive genetic testing in obstetrics and oncology. The company has its own production laboratory thoroughly equipped for manufacturing and quality assurance of kits.

The company’s products have already been tested in scientific laboratories in Canada, India and other countries.


  • Baby-test is a kit for noninvasive fetal gender testing from the 10th (embryological) week of pregnancy using maternal blood;
  • Kits for noninvasive fetal RHD gene detection from the 10th (embryological) week of pregnancy;
  • Kits for identification of the mutations associated with targeted therapy response or resistance
  • “Prosta-test” for noninvasive prostate cancer diagnostics by determinants of PCA3 gene expression level by reverse transcription followed by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR);
  • Kits for Nucleic acids isolation.