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Status: launched
Technology Company Stroylab (Stroylab, LLC) was founded by the NanoCenter ULNANOTECH (Ulyanovsk) in 2013. The focus areas of the company are research and development of new materials, engineering technology solutions, implementation into production of technologies and solutions in architectural and customized coatings, structural and finishing materials.


  • Research and development of new technologies and materials.
  • Engineering of novel products and solutions based on developed technologies.
  • Adaptation and introduction of existing technologies and solutions into production.
  • Organizing of laboratory tests.


  • Manufacturing of water-dispersion paints and decorative coatings
  • Thermal insulation coatings
  • Waterproof coatings for internal and external work
  • Carbon coatings with electro heating
  • Translucent concrete
  • High strength concrete
  • Low cement concrete (low cost)
  • Production of modified wood
  • Concrete strength development acceleration