Intermolecular. Inc. and the Ulyanovsk NanoCenter Sign Joint Development Agreement.

29 Sept 2013 In San Jose, California, CEO of the Ulyanovsk NanoCenter Andrey Redkin and CEO of the American company Intermolecular (IMI) David Lazovsky signed a joint agreement for the development of innovative solutions in functional thin-film coatings and an agreement to acquire a combinatorial development platform for depositing thin-film coatings on various materials that would be unique to Russia, CIS and Europe.

The unique equipment that accelerates research and development efforts around innovative thin-film coatings and purchased from IMI will be transferred to the high-tech company created by the NanoCenters of Ulyanovsk, Dubna and the Republic of Mordovia. The combinatorial platform will be distributed between Dubna, Ulyanovsk, Saransk and San Jose with the main component being housed in a building of the Ulyanovsk NanoCenter. The company is focused on developing innovative thin-film solutions for the following applications: glass coatings, PV, power electronics and displays. The company is expected to become operational in the first quarter of 2014 but we are already working on hiring specialists and are inviting English-speaking scientists and developers from all over the world who want to make significant contributions in the field of thin-film coatings.

Companies from Russia and CIS are also invited to participate in the implementation of joint projects for developing advanced glass coatings, photovoltaic devices, electronics, and displays.

The Joint Project Agreement was signed by the parties on August 16 of this year.

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